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If you have not faced a challenge, you have not grown!


For more than a decade of meeting and assisting entrepreneurs, I have observed the most successful entrepreneurs do not have fear of facing a challenge; even if they have, they would train their brains to face it. A positive mindset trained to tackle challenges leads to success.


Those who look for shortcuts end up building an habit of seeking quicker results with minimum efforts; and many times they lack patience. Where as once we start facing a challenge, we need patience, continuous efforts, improvements in our actions and most importantly visualisation of the end result which should motivate us enough to keep us walking to overcome the challenge.


As an entrepreneur, you will be facing business challenges on regular basis, and here is how facing a challenge can make you better:-


  • Stronger Winning Mindset:
    Once we train our brain and fight against a challenge, the feeling of accomplishment after winning the challenge is just amazing. It does not matter how big or small a challenge is, getting in to a habit of fighting against challenges makes our mind stronger.
  • Stronger Character
    Once it becomes a habit of dealing with challenges in a positive manner, you will realise everything is doable and you would have a stronger character with personality improvement over the time.
  • Role Model
    If you are managing a team in your venture, your team will be looking at you as a role model. Your actions will be observed by your team and it would improve team culture, work ethics, loyalty and sense of accomplishment when they see you doing something out of your comfort zone.
  • You Ignite Hope
    Your actions can ignite hope in those who thought they would not be able to do what you did. Directly or indirectly when your story will be heard, seen or read, you will be making impact on many people’s lives.

These are few of outcomes. Now, you might be asking how to get started, not everyone is motivated enough to face a challenge. In such a case, either you motivate yourself through positive self-talk, by reading or watching other’s story; surround yourself with people who have positive mindset and willingness to take a challenge or have a mentor who has done it in the past and can share his/her experiences with you.