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The Investor world is very curious to know about ventures that fit in with their interests/investment thesis.

At VanLonChan Consulting we get an opportunity to regularly take unique investment proposals to strategic investors located across the world.

Whenever an investor has developed an initial liking towards one of our presented ventures, they place importance on a few key points, while they are evaluating the proposition during a meeting. It is highly important for entrepreneurs to understand every meeting with an investor could be a venture-changing opportunity to grab.

There are some of the suggestions that we give to our entrepreneur clients, when they are preparing to face the investor/investment team for the first time:

  1. Investors are usually busy with evaluating multiple ventures like yours. An investor would opt for a meeting only if s/he is interested in the venture after evaluating the pitch deck, which we shared with them. So, don’t read through the pitch deck in the investor meetings, because the investors at this stage would want to meet the real person.
  2. The initial 30-minute meeting should be focused on showcasing the value proposition while listening patiently to the investment team’s questions without showing the desperation to answer.
  3. A strong elevator pitch can do wonders for you, and it should be executed at the beginning of the investor meeting. A background of the entrepreneur, strong problem and solution statement, traction and future plans may be a part of the elevator pitch.
  4. The biggest thing that any investor is looking forward to, is the differentiation in the client proposition, without which investor interest may not be possible.
  5. What’s in it for me? Investors want to see the ROI as they are reviewing and comparing multiple similar projects. If they are satisfied, they’ll be willing to hear further from the entrepreneur.
  6. Motivation is the key, and if the entrepreneur does not sound confident during the meeting, he/she will most likely be not considered as interested or as serious.
  7. Competition analysis (linked to the earlier differentiation aspect) is to be highlighted, to reinforce how your proposition differs holistically.
  8. Traction plays a significant role in proving your growth story, so articulate thoughts to show it is aligned with your vision.
  9. Don’t be vague with numbers.
  10. Ask, proceed of funds, financials, growth and exit strategy will also be discussed, and backup to be ready, just in case asked for.
  11. Your team is your strength. Mention how it is contributing to the growth of the venture, and how it can be trusted to enable better returns for the investor!
  12. Verbal and non-verbal cues should transmit positivity to the investment team, to impress upon them.