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It is no secret that entrepreneurs look for external funding to grow and move to the next level. Although the option to bootstrap is always there, but the value add that a strategic investor brings, plus the new doors that they open for you is something entrepreneurs need it in today’s competitive scenario.


Having said that, getting external investment is never an easy task to accomplish. It requires a great amount of networking, persistence to connect with the right resources, pitching and finally closing the deal. Entrepreneurs are busy in product development, market validation etc. and do not have quality time at their disposal to raise external capital. It is here that a consulting company specialising in capital raising can be the difference between a slow growing venture vs. a unicorn.


Here’s what to look out in a capital raising consultant: –


  1. The consulting company should be able to look beyond its network of contacts. While, it is crucial to have your own closed knit community of investors, a larger global outreach to investors is required to convey the right value proposition to the right investor, wherever they may be.
  2. The team should have relevant background in business, engineering etc. to understand your proposition and apply the skills to connect with the right audience at various levels across multidisciplinary teams like sales, technology, legal etc.
  3. Track record of managing similar capital raises in the recent past should be noted. • Industry and trade body affiliations show the standing and credibility of the consulting company.
  4. Lookout for motivation and dedication to listen to your challenges and provide management consulting in addition to the capital raise.
  5. Negotiation skills must be excellent, as you will require a lot of back and firth discussions with investors on your behalf.
  6. Entrepreneurial experience is an add on, which shows that there is the potential to understand similar challenges. For more information contact us.