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RAISING $ 1m pre-seed | forecasted $19m arr at 4x growth by 2024 with $1b valuation by 2027.
Our Canadian start-up client is building cloud-based test automation products, which evolve into the first ever one-stop cloud platform for testing. In short, it will be the ‘AWS of Testing’. The tech industry moved to the cloud, but testing was left behind. Business operations face challenges of not meeting the market demand of on time delivery and quality due to the lack of adoption of cloud in software testing. At major airlines, the products have been a lifeline, reducing the cost and time of testing operations by 50%.
  • 3 MVPs launched. SaaS based.
    HCL, IGPL, Volvo are clients. A Top 3 IT co., a Big 4 Consulting co. finalizing global partnerships.
    HQ in Canada with presence in the UK, and in India. Strong R&D, commercial partnerships.
  • A TAM of $6B, CAGR – 19%.
    Team: 10 patents, leadership experience at Air Canada, Cisco, and Expedia in areas of QA, AI.
  • Raising $ 1M pre-seed
  • Forecasted $19M ARR at 4x growth by 2024, $1B valuation by 2027
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